Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back to school

The festering-livered one's favorite quotes among the "Bennish back in class" reax today were both uttered by Overland High school principal Jana Frieler. The first, from the Post:

Frieler called the ordeal a "great civics lesson" that has been difficult for students as they gear up to take state tests this week.

"They've heard a lot of hurtful things about their school," Frieler said. "They internalize that."

Sensitive little beasts, ain't they? The second, from the News:

Frieler this morning said she had been well aware that Bennish’s geography discussions typically go beyond learning the names of rivers, mountain ranges, and state capitols.

"It’s not about maps anymore," she said. "It’s about politics, it’s about religion, it’s about culture."

It's just not about dilute Marxism. Bennish, who was "disciplined" in some unspecified way ("Keep stickin' it to The Man, Jay!") by the school district, was applauded by students as he entered class; after class, about 15 of them gathered around and shook his paw (oops, I'm being dehumanizing.)

Update: Notice the headline? "Vocal teacher back in class; student teacher mum." Poetry! Or at least, a decent football cheer!

Update II: The Sowell Man (I just made that up) weighs in on Bennishism. Quote:
Only among "educators" is there such confusion that merely exposing what they are doing behind the backs of parents and taxpayers is regarded as a violation of their rights.

Update III: Title changed because old one was just stupid. It happens even in the most sophisticated blogs, which the Drunkablog is not, hardly.

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