Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yes, OOK, goddamnit. My scanner bed ain't big enough for these old magazines.

Actually the September 2, 1967, LOOK. The brunette on the right is Patty Duke. The blonde, of course, is Sharon Tate. If I were Rita Cosby I'd say, "She had less than two years to live." But I'm not.

Besides the five-page spread on Valley of the Dolls, this issue has:

  • A profile of Nancy Dickerson: "She's riding high now, but if a Kennedy gets in the White House, Nancy Dickerson is Throughsville."

  • A piece by Eric Severaid, "Dissent or Destruction." This blurb kind of gives the flavor:

    An adaptation of Leon Uris's new novel, Topaz. Never read Uris, not even Mila 18, which I'd probably like. Sample quote from Topaz: "Anything Paris knows, Moscow will know in 24 hours."

  • A profile by Oriana Fallaci (not dead yet!) of Merlina Mercouri: "I was born Greek, I will die Greek." (She did.)

  • And finally yet another profile, this one of Vince Lombardi. Sample quote: "On the day of the game, Lombardi believes you've got to have hate."

    Update: Newsweek's Joseph Morgenstern (alive!) on Valley of the Dolls: "One of the most stupefyingly clumsy films ever made by alleged professionals." Say it ain't so, Joe!
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