Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tiny bubbles

Yes, I heard about the high-school kid in Aurora who tape-recorded a teacher's (Ward) Churchillesque rant to the impressionable yoot in his geography class. Heard the tape, too. Here's my contribution to the controversy: 1. The guy's an idiot. 2. Nothing. 3. That's it. 4. Really.

Update: The Rocky has: the basic story; one on the protests fer and agin' (which were pathetic, of course); CBS4's report (extreme dork warning!); and audio of the teacher's wankfest from KOA.

The Post has only an unbylined AP story that focuses on the protest to support the teacher, quotes nothing the teacher said and paraphrases his obligatory and explicit Bushitler comparison as "some people compare Bush to Adolf Hitler [my italics]." Weird. Or not.

Correction: Sorry, I should have listened a little harder. Teach didn't say Bush = Hitler but rather that most everyone thinks Bush = Hitler. So AP was right, kisses be upon them (kbut).

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