Monday, March 13, 2006

Not the one the Simpsons live in: Tornado cuts swath through Springfield

It happened Sunday night but the news reached the Drunkablog Fortress of Squalitude only a couple of hours ago: One person is missing (and his house is "demolished") after a freak storm caused major damage in Springfield, Illinois Sunday night. One of my sisters lives on the northwest side; the storm was worse toward the south. Still, haven't heard from her.

But here's a great picture from the storm:

Good neighbor: State Journal Register caption reads, "Gene Lanich returns the missing Paul Bunyan head from Lauterbach Tire and Auto shop after finding it behind Benchmark Auto Sound on Wabash Avenue early Monday morning. Jonathan Kirshner/The State Journal-Register."

(Hat tip (hat tip? Who the *uck am I, Maurice Chevalier?): Mason Oller.)

(Credit: Maurice Chevalier (shudder) from Du Temps des cerises aux Feuilles mortes (which won't let me link:; and here's the Journal Register's gallery of storm damage pics)

Update: Since I mentioned Chevalier, here are the lyrics to his signature song, "Sank heaven for leetle gulls." Oops, here they are.

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