Friday, February 11, 2005

Long dark "Ni!" of the soul

Organizing my bookmarks yesterday I noticed a link to the blog of a guy named Joe Carter called The Evangelical Outpost. Had to think about that. Nothing at all against evangelicals, I just don't have much occasion to seek them out (except for my father-in-law when we need "minor" carpentry work, praise God. Him I seek out all the time). So why would I have bookmarked this Mr. Carter? Had I gotten drunk, gotten religion, gotten drunk, gotten religion, gotten drunk again--as used to happen so often--and finally, in despair, linked to him for succor?

Yes I am in complete possession of my faculties, thank you very much. Posted by Hello

Not this time, anyway. No, it turned out I just wanted to read his series on starting a blog. Now I have, and it's excellent stuff. Some things I still have to do: add permalinks and a blogroll, snazz up the template (I know who I'm gonna steal from), find free ads, and (politely! No stalking!) schmooze other bloggers. And write. Say, what's this "aitch-tee-em-ell" thing I keep hearing about, anyways?

Oh, Mr. Carter has a really good blog himself, a witty look at all kinds of stuff (movies!) from, shockingly, an "evangelical worldview." And he has the biggest bloody blogroll I've ever seen, by far. He blogrolls everyone who blogrolls him, I think, and lots and lots have. It's sick. And I'll probably be his first rejection.

Bonus question: from what book is the illustration above taken?

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