Saturday, February 26, 2005

Alien v Predator

Just watched the movie. What a disappointment. I mean, c'mon: despite the title, there's no courtroom action at all. What, they thought we wouldn't notice? Once again, Hollywood shows they think we're dumb. Predator wins, though*, which is good. Is that different from how the book ends?

*spoiler alert!

Update: Finally found a review of the book: "I Read The Novelization in about a week And It Was a Great Read I Really Couldn't Put It Down I Really Had To Find Out What happens at ever turn I Really Recomend You All Read It It Really Will Follow The Movie But Might Have A Different Twist I Really Can't Wait For The Movie AUGUST 13."--Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post.

Update II: Have just been informed, rather rudely, that a "spoiler alert" should come before the actual spoiler. My sincere apologies.

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