Monday, February 28, 2005

Bush: Lapdog of the French?

James S. Robbins had an article on Bush, Chirac and Syria in NRO last week. Stunning and prescient stuff, I'll bet, but it was the photo teaser for the story that really caught my eye (and dragged it 15 feet, as the great Emo once said). On its face it's a standard shot of Bush and Jacques Chirac grinning at each other just before they Indian wrestle during the president's European trip last week.

But look closer. What in the world is that on Bush's head? I'll tell you. It's a jaunty little fez. Now how the heck did Jacques Chirac talk him into being photographed wearing that? I mean, he looks ridiculous. And it's not just your everyday "funny hat" either. It has "SYRIA" emblazoned across it, in case you hadn't noticed. Chirac forced Bush to promote Syria! In a funny hat! How did this happen, and what does it mean for our foreign policy? I, for one, fear the worst.

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