Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gonna build me a fence

My house sits atop a high-prairie bluff overlooking the Platte River Valley in central Colorado. Here’s a view from the edge of the bluff:

Ward's Land: The Platte River Valley. CU ethnic studies professor and indeterminate brand of Indian Ward Churchill wants it back. Controversy rages over who will be responsible for removing "improvements" made since Denver's founding in 1859. Posted by Hello

Edenic, ain't it? Well, even though insensitive people keep calling it "The Shining City in a Hole," I like Denver, and I'll probably post about it from time to time. [Jeez, why are you so defensive about Denver?--Ed.] [No, I will not, not, not use the "--Ed" gimmick. Please God, please, don't ever let me be so desperate. Kill me first. Please.--Me.]

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