Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Night at the Radio!

Never been a big fan, but here's a pretty funny Fred Allen. He rags on Jack Benny, tries to sell an act with Charlie McCarthy, and talks to the usual line-up of goofs, including Mrs. Nussbaum ("Emperor Shapirohito") about the end-of-the-war housing shortage. This one's called, shockingly, "Teaming up with Charlie McCarthy" (7 October 1945).

Dragnet! This one's called, entirely non-salaciously, "The Big Pair" (21 September 1950).

The Johnny Cash Show. An August, 1954 recording from a Memphis radio station, when Cash was 22. Apparently it was supposed to be a continuing show, but this is the only one I could find. The sound's a little hollow, but Cash sounds good--at least on the songs. He's cutely klutzy with the between-songs stuff (he repeatedly asks people to send in requests--"If we don't know 'em, we'll learn 'em") and a little tongue-tied reading the commercials for Home Equipment Company.

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