Thursday, March 17, 2011

Note from Dave

Mighty thoughty of him to keep in touch like this (all oomphs mine).

Writing in Washington DC., Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mail address: P O Box 1707, Key West, FL 33041, USA

To [me]

David Irving talking privately in Texas and New Mexico in mid April

Dear John,

I am back in the United States completing my biography of Heinrich Himmler, on which I have been working for eleven years. But I have also set aside time to meet my readers - to talk about Adolf Hitler and this extraordinary man, his chief henchman, who created the Waffen SS, built a slave-labor based industrial empire, masterminded the Holocaust (whatever that was) and was already dead at age 44.
"Already dead at age 44." What a strange locution.
I am talking to small groups of my friends all round the USA this spring and fall. I have titled my talk "Hitler and Himmler: 44 years in 45 minutes." . . .

I am speaking privately on April 12 in Dallas/Ft Worth; April 13, in Houston; April 15 in San Antonio; April 16 in El Paso; April 17 in Albuquerque. . . .

Please come, and bring family or friends you can vouch for; ask us about special payment arrangements in that case. You can bring children under 18 free. If you already have some books by me which you'd like me to autograph, bring them too. If you can't come, you can contribute to help my International Campaign for Real History [then a bunch of crap detailing how I can contribute to the worthy cause].

Your Pal [actually he said "Yours sincerely"],

David Irving

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