Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fine company

For the last week the wind has been absolutely howling around here. Shingle-rippling. Trashcan-rolling. The D-blog is beginning to feel like Lillian Gish in The Wind.

Many people say the D-blog also looks like Lillian Gish in The Wind (maybe they said Night of the Hunter), but I don't agree. The other day I had to get my picture taken for a new license, and when I saw it I was reminded of somebody. Who was it? Clooney? Maybe in my younger days. Pitt? Well, I have his nose (available on e-Bay), but that's about it.

Then I realized. I don't look like anyone in particular, I just look like a perfect candidate for the blog Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. Hope they have local chapters like the VFW or something.

Update: And just because I can (can't I?), Lillian and Robert Mitchum doing their famous duet.

Update II: "I"-value of this post: ten in four paragraphs. Practically Obamanian.

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