Friday, March 04, 2011


You thrilled to his nasty used t-shirts! You swooned at his leaden appearance in behalf of Ward Churchill! You were warned that this movie would eventually appear! Now, commit seppuku as the Derrick Jensen-focused crockumentary End:Civ premieres in Denver!

Here's the trailer, which is beyond the power of mere mortals to mock. In a world . . .

So funny these guys are: "The following preview has not been approved for American audiences by the US Department of Homeland Security." And what's with the announcer's voice? Sounds like it's gone through one of those voice distortion things. Why? And get Derrick: There's no way to stem the tide of eco-destruction except with explosives. That's Derrick "Go blow things up for my cause since doing it myself would be counterproductive" Jensen. Y'all.

Damn, just noticed that the premiere's tonight. I'd go, but I've already made other plans.

(h/t "nightlife." Ohoh, I love the nightlife, I've got to boogie . . .)

Update: Looks like the whole thing is on Youtube in seven delectable parts. Involuntary 72-hour holds are in order for all involved. Here's part one:

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