Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another tidbit

So to speak, from John Dower's book Embracing Defeat, about the American occupation of Japan after WWII:

The caption reads, "A Japanese nurse is sentenced to imprisonment at a trial of accused "B/C" war criminals convened in Yokohama. She was found guilty of having participated in eating the liver of [a prisoner of war] executed at Kyushu University, where vivisections were performed on POWs."

Questions and reflections:

  • Participated? Was it like a tea ceremony, or did people just gather around saying things like, "Hey, give me a hunk" and "Don't hog it, horrid nurse-person"?

  • If she was a "B/C" war criminal, can you imagine what the "A" war criminals were like? (Very, very bad.)

  • This sort of thing will become only more common under Obamacare.

  • Kyushu University, the Harvard of the Japanese Empire.

  • "Hey, who brought the Chianti?"

  • Too soon?

  • Update: No idea why the pics from this and the preceding post keep disappearing. I've replaced each about four times apiece, but I quit.

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