Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Night at the Radio!

So I was at Rude Rec the other day, over in a corner picking up not-very-heavy-at-all metal objects and putting them down again to no discernible purpose, when I heard this--commotion. It was a couple, a guy and a goil, and they were having just a hell of a good time.

Nothing special about them: youngish, tubby, obviously not gym rats. But they were so loud. He'd order her mock-sternly to get on this or that machine or do such-and-so many reps and she'd scream and laugh shrillly (the only word in the English language with three 'l's--look it up), and then they'd hug and kiss and flounce over to the next machine, she still laughing hysterically, he still fake-ordering her about.

They were ostentatious, that's what it was. And after a half hour of it, it got old. Other people were looking over and shaking their heads as if to say, "Would you morons please STFU so I can torture myself in peace?"

I chalked it up to new love, or maybe decaying-but-still-willing-to-give-it-the-'ol-community-college-try love, but it reminded me of something--finally I get to it--a radio show, Vic and Sade, or rather, one particular episode of that show. So here it is. Chuck and Dottie Brainfeeble do the dishes (10 March 1943). I've played this one before, and the sound's not great, but shut up.

And since it's Sunday, Jack Benny. "Jack listens to The Mean Old Man on the radio" (21 March 1954).

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