Thursday, December 02, 2010

Spagnuolo enters the ring

We knew Glenn Spagnuolo, former head rabble-rouser of the long-defunct crap-rad group Re!create 68, had been learning kickboxing (Laurie told us about it), but we didn't know he had participated in a match. Here it is:

Nothing much happens for the first five (of just over six) minutes, then--well, watch.

They're both really slow, aren't they? But you have to give Glenn at least one jaded thumb up for being willing to risk inverted testicles and cauliflower brain for whatever reason he's doing so.

The ringside guy, of course, mispronounces "Spagnuolo."

(h/t "Diels" in comments a couple posts down)

Update 12/6/10: Jeez, just noticed the header on the vid misspells Spags' name too. Guy can't catch a break.

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