Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More concern about Churchill decision

In the HuffPo, "Denver-based attorney and conservative political strategist" Jessica Corry on the Colorado Appellate Court's decision in the Ward Churchill case:
Make no mistake. Disgraced University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill deserved to be fired. To be rather blunt, and as has been well documented over the last several years, he just wasn't that good at his job. But as fate would have it--and as a Denver jury concluded--he was fired for the wrong reasons. While the media provided a brief mention of an appellate court's denial of his plea to get his job back, too many reporters failed to tell the more important part of this story: the decision may hurt future public employees seeking redress and accountability over legitimate job losses and discrimination. . . .
In the parlance of today, IA emphatically NAL, so for all I know Corry and DU law prof Alan Chen (whom Corry quotes) may be right to be concerned. In any case, Churchill's attorney David Lane (who, Corry reveals, is representing her in a lawsuit as well) will hammer on this point to the Colorado Supreme Court and beyond. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what they have to say, if anything.

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