Friday, December 17, 2010

Coming soon to a power grid near you

Telegraph: "£500 on electricity bills to pay for green energy."

Needless to say, 99 percent of the 500+ commenters on the article are less than happy.

(via commenter Viv Evans at WUWT)

Update: Caz comments from another part of the rapidly crazening Anglosphere:
We're paying an extra $40 or something a quarter for smart metres that haven't been installed, and which are, any case fully paid for by our taxes in the first place. That is, since the gov't has made it mandatory, they're paying all of the utility companies to implement the metres (that means paying for everything from project managers and business analysts to new billing software and all hardware and infrastructure).

I still haven't figured out why we're paying twice for something we don't yet have, and which will save consumers nothing, nor help them to monitor electricity use, because they won't be putting the electricity readers inside people's homes ... they decided that the 'money saving' smart metre, which was supposed to save on electricity use, since consumers would be able to "see" every minute of the day how much energy they were using, would be cheaper if you left out the digital readers.

Oh yeah: electricity costs have increased by a gazillion dollars too.

And if anyone can explain why we in Oz are paying twice for smart metres, please feel free to spell it out for me like I'm a simpleton.
I'll just add: (Crickets).

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