Sunday, December 19, 2010

Look, a jungle bu--er, squirrel!

In his latest Guardian column, George Monbiot excoriates Richard North of the usually fine EUReferendum blog for (thrice) using the phrase "jungle bunnies" in posts attacking the shoveling of EU money to African corruptocrats in the idiot quest to stop "global warming."

The result, of course, is tu quoque frenzy, as everyone and his dog leaps to accuse the other side of racism, censorship, being a flying pedophile, etc.

Fine, fine. North also responds (weakly, I think). In any case, it's all just a distraction. But fun, like (in certain circumstances) a baton in the nads.

Update: Totally o/t, but you know what I found out the other day? The D-a-W is an AGW skeptic. Could have knocked me over with a 4-iron (if there is such a device). How could I not have known this? I mean, she is generally, how you say, voluble on any and all subjects, but for some reason never made her opinion known, even after reading years of my drivel on the subject.

Even more staggering (stop with the 4-iron, already) is that this is a woman who is to the left of Dennis Kucinich. No lie. Sometimes Christmas does come early.

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