Friday, December 10, 2010

Jackson v. the Crete

A brief interview with Ward Churchill by what must be a student journalist at Grinnell (IA) College's newspaper, the Scarlet & Black ("The first college newspaper west of the Mississippi"), after Ward spoke at the school last week. Nothing new, except the interviewer's amusing mishearing of tribal names. JWP points out, for example, Churchill's old claim that he's Keetoowah-Cherokee, which the poor student hears as "Katua-Cherokee."

Funnier (at least to me), was Churchill's assertion (as rendered by the student) that the Cherokee "fought with Andrew Jackson against the Crete."

Other than that, whatever, though Ward does seem to be sailing pretty close to the wind, word-salad-wise.

Update: The D-blog took some pics in Grinnell a few years ago. Some cool buildings

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