Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the season

My bff Dave I. sent me an e-Christmas card.
Dear John,

May I be the first to wish you a happy Christmas (I'm old-fashioned; I refuse to say "Happy Holidays!"). And: I promise I won't write again before my Spring 2011 speaking tour of the USA.
Oh no, he's making another selling-books-out-of-the-trunk-of-his-car tour.
I am still down here [Florida, I think] working on "Himmler". I'm making good progress. I'll have this book available by next Christmas. The interest in it is huge.
Gift suggestions for that hard-to-please someone from Dave:
For this Christmas, we already have some new treats. Just off the presses is our reprint of "The Virus House," my history of Hitler's atomic bomb project.
But I wanted Legos! You can build anything with Legos!

From, unsurprisingly, the despicable Stormfront site. Soon as I thought of crematoria made of Legos I knew someone had done it.

Dave continues:
And we have "Uprising!", my book about the dramatic and bloody 1956 Hungarian revolt against the Jewish and Red leadership; we've had many requests for it.
"Jewish and Red leadership." Dave, Dave, Dave.

He has more books for sale, too, but who cares.

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