Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday night at the radio!

Yes, I'm putting a gingerly toe (the big one) back into the septic tank of the blogosphere. And since nobody except poor Snaps ever listened to these things, this is a safe way to do so without attracting unwanted attention.

First up, Gunsmoke, starring that roly-poly little guy with the voice of doom, Bill Conrad. This season (the show's second) was sponsored by Post Toasties, "the heap good cornflakes." The commercials are cutely racist. This episode is called "Kick Me" (28 November 1953). Little scratchy, but good stuff.

Cavalcade of America: "Edgar Allan Poe" (26 February 1941). Surprisingly unbad, as far as it goes (i.e., not up to Poe dying in the gutter). Loooong lofty toned commercial for former (and soon to be again) warmonger Dupont at the end.

And a little sci-fi. X Minus 1 with a Robert Bloch story: "Almost Human" (August, 1955, I think).

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