Monday, September 27, 2010

Lunatic, but not fringe enough

England's first Green MP, Caroline Lucas, thinks the military should take over the fight against AGW, the Independent says:
Responsibility for climate change should be transferred to the Ministry of Defence as the single most important threat facing the nation, the Green MP Caroline Lucas said yesterday. Only if global warming is classified as an issue of "national survival", like a military threat, will it be treated with the urgency it now needs, she told the Sustainable Planet conference in Lyon.
What are they going to do? Bayonet it? The Independent is goofier on global warming (if that's possible) than the Guardian, but even they sound a little skeptical in the first sentence of the next graf:
Ms Lucas insisted that she was making an important political point. In wartime, politicians and generals did not sit around "consulting focus groups and special interests" before deciding how to respond to a military invasion, she said. . . .
She's also hot for much deeper cuts in "carbon emissions" than the EU is going to propose in Cancun later this year (20 percent by 2020 is "not anything like enough."), and she called for "curbs" on "consumption-boosting advertising."

Poked around the Greens' site a little. Hoo, boy. Sort of o/t, but every once in a while a commenter over at WUWT (and this, by the way, is via commenter RichieP there), will lament that too many make AGW a left/right issue, when it's about the science, dammit. Here's the last section of Lucas' biopage
An activist and campaigner

Caroline is an acknowledged expert on climate change, international trade and peace issues [and with that degree in English Lit, she should be].

She has served as a Vice President of the RSPCA, the Stop the War Coalition, Campaign Against Climate Change and Environmental Protection UK (formerly National Society for Clean Air), as well as a member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament National Council and a Director of the International Forum on Globalization.

The think-tanks Protect the Local, Globally and Centre for a Social Europe have Caroline as an Advisory Board Member, as does the Radiation Research Trust, the Transitions Towns Network and the Council of the Constitution Unit.

Caroline is a patron of Action for UN Renewal, the Venezuela Information Centre, Havant Literary Festival and Lifecycle UK and a matron of the Women’s Environmental Network.
CND; Centre for a Social Europe; Venezuela Information Centre. In other words, being a rabid greenie almost always comes with a constellation of other left idiocies.

Update: Here's a report (by, allegedly, a reporter) on the Sustainable Planet Forum (sponsored in part by the Independent!).

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