Saturday, September 25, 2010

Benjie Whitmer's novel "Pike" moving relentlessly up the charts

Well, no. Currently it's number 341,476 in Amazon's top 100.

No customer reviews.

Remember how Benjie told me he'd "shoot me a copy" to review before it came out?

Yeah, me neither. If he had, I think I would have increased his sales by 3000 percent.

Benjie, in case anyone's forgotten, has deleted two blogs out of fear of what his slanderous style might reap.

Update: Former Rocky Mountain News editorial gink Linda Seebach wrote a few days ago to tell me Whitmer's Roman a jerk had sunk to about 500,000 on Amazon's Top 100. I just looked today (10/7/10) and it was at 677, 730. Amazon claims to rate "over 700,000" books, so Whitmer's about to drop off the end of the earth. Benjie, if you'd sent me a copy as you promised, I swear I'd have described it as "a wild roller-coaster ride," maybe even a "searing indictment," but no, you had to pussy out, as you always do. Hey, planning on being arrested for Columbus Day this year?

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