Sunday, September 19, 2010


My next-door neighbor rescued a semi-feral cat let loose by another neighbor who was foreclosed on a couple of years ago.

Last year the non-foreclosed neighbor moved to the 'burbs, and asked me to take care of the cat until his fambly was in a position to take her back ("Tots" is the kitteh's name).

I did, keeping Tots outside, of course. But I kept her food and water dishes supplied, and a couple of times inveigled her close enough that I was almost able to pet her. She's a few years old now, and weighs about seven pounds. Tiny cat.

So the other day 'burb neighbor finally came by to collect Tots. He had a cat carrier and everything. He got her within grabbing distance, duly grabbed, and tried to shove her in the carrier. This was the result:

Blood! Blood! And not kitteh blood neither. . .

Not enough?

More blood! Even one of those big square band-aids wasn't enough; I had to go for the gauze and tape to seal the leak. Poor guy was in shock.

Tots is home now, quarantined in the garage.

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