Thursday, September 16, 2010


The Post: "Colorado rejects Tourette's Syndrome for medical-pot treatment list":
The State Board of Health rejected a petition Wednesday to add Tourette's syndrome to the list of conditions for which patients can obtain medical marijuana.

It was the first time in the 10-year history of Colorado's medical-marijuana law that a petition to add a new condition had made it through the state health department's review process and come before the board. The decision suggested that the board will require a high standard of proof before allowing new conditions to go on the list.

Board members expressed concerns over the health impacts of smoking marijuana, noted that there are other medications that could be used to treat Tourette's and concluded that the research wasn't evolved enough to show that marijuana would be useful in treating Tourette's. . . .

Neither the petitioner — whose name was redacted from a public copy of the petition because of state laws protecting the identity of medical-marijuana patients — nor any other medical-marijuana advocates testified at the hearing.

But Brian Vicente, executive director of the medical-marijuana patient advocacy group Sensible Colorado, called the review process a "sham."

"The (health department) has never approved any condition despite numerous petitions over the years, and I think it shows they are institutionally opposed to medical marijuana," he said.
Shit. The Post includes a handy-dandy list of illnesses approved for MM treatment. It's not long:

  • Cancer [Damn.]

  • Glaucoma [Billy Bob has a touch. Wonder if I could carve out his . . . nah.]

  • HIV/AIDS {Nope, I claim]

  • Cachexia (a wasting syndrome) [Don't think they mean the kind of wasted I've been so, so many times over the years.]

  • Severe pain [I bent my wookie the other day.]

  • Severe nausea [Saw Obama's last press conference.]

  • Seizures, "including those that are characteristic of epilepsy" [The D-a-W is always ramming this big wooden spoon down my throat to keep me from swallowing my tongue, she says.]

  • Persistent muscle spasms, "including those that are characteristic of multiple sclerosis" [People say I walk funny.}

    It's all such a sham. Just legalize it, you morons, and collect your vig. Bet it would erase Denver and the state's deficit instantly.

    Update: The Post, ever cutting-edge, now has a "Marijuana News" section.
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