Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sowelled-out II

Bullet points from Drunkablog's cross-country drive:

  • Nebraska, often called the "Cornhusker state," frequently smells bad.

  • So does the "hawkeye state," aka Iowa.

  • But Iowa has one of the lovelier town names ever: Atalissa. Atalissa, Iowa.

  • Drunkablog visited the mostly very cool Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield. Post to follow.

  • Years ago Drunkablog bought a biology text on The Free-living Lower Invertebrates just so he could tape a friend's picture to the cover. No Photoshop then.

  • Pres. Bush said just now that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has profound respect for "the rulalah."

  • Is Bush French?

  • Listening to the Phil Harris and Alice Faye show on CD. Very funny. Jack Benny makes a guest appearance on the second show, when he meets Phil and Alice's two little girls, Phyllis and Alice, Jr.:

    Phyllis (after a few seconds' silence): Well . . . do something stingy.

    Jack: You're certainly your father's little girl, aren't you?

    Phyllis: Sure I am. Whose little girl are you?

  • In the same show, I think, Phil mentions the no-doubt fictitious book, The Rover Boys at Tehachapi.

  • Is there anything more entertaining than passing an elderly couple in a Lincoln and giving them a friendly wave, then letting them pass, passing them again and giving them a friendly wave, then letting them pass, over and over and over? Pretty soon they quit waving, then looking. Then they drive faster, then slower. Finally they pull over, almost swerving into the ditch. Fun for all!

    Update: Nebraska Pork Online?
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