Friday, July 29, 2005


Many awful things conspired to keep the large-livered one from fulfilling his blog obligations ("blogobs") this week, mainly a tenant revolt that required the utmost brutality to put down.

Also, I criminally misunderestimated the amount of great material out there on Palmer College and chiropractic in general. So I'm late on my post; don't have a stroke, man. There'll be a super-enhanced post this weekend.

Anyway, here's a book cover for my fellow Friday night shut-ins:

Turn Blue, You Murderers is one of ten sedate thrillers featuring the hilariously hard-boiled "Pete McGrath." Other titles in the series:

Kill Him Quickly, It's Raining (1966)
An Ear For Murder (1967)
The Flight of the Stiff (1967)
We, the Killers (1967)
Dead Upstairs in the Tub (1967)
Slit My Throat Gently (1968)
Lie a Little, Die a Little (1968; AKA Cry Uncle)
Another Day, Another Stiff (1968)
Death of a Hippie (1968)

My favorites? The Flight of the Stiff and Death of a Hippie, though others more fastidious may prefer Slit My Throat Gently.

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