Sunday, July 17, 2005

Family splatters

Apologies for the postal lackage, but Drunkablog's august presence was unexpectedly and precipitately required at a family gathering in Illinois, to discuss a subject Drunkablog found so fascinating that from now on he will devote his blog to it: corn.

You see, Drunkablog's ancestors throve and grew full-'tarded on this land, this "central" Illinois, with it's babbling brooks and majestic cottonwoods and frolicking deer all long ago drained and cut down and shot so as to concentrate everybody's mind on what's really important: corn.

Amazingly, Drunkablog and too many other descendants have somehow managed not to drink, gamble or whore away an exceedingly modest parcel of this land, ably farmed by our serfs. Occasionally, however, a meeting is necessary to settle disputes, mainly about what to do with our precious corn.

But Drunkablog has finally been released from his obligations ("sell!") and dumped at the luxurious home of a sister in Springfield, Ill. who apparently has joined the computer age.

So I can blog again. At least tonight.

Since I drove out here, I guess you could call this a "road trip." Whoo-hoo. But I took pictures. Many pictures. Here, for example, is a picture of the road on which a portion of the road trip took place:

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