Friday, July 01, 2005

Post: Churchill comments outrageous; let's give him lots of money!

The Denver Post, calling CU professor Ward Churchill's comments advocating "fragging" officers "outrageous," says today that if CU can't get rid of Churchill for cause, they should buy him out: "Incoming CU president Hank Brown has said he doesn't want to buy out Churchill to make him go away, but if university investigators don't find cause for dismissal, he needs to be open-minded about it. CU is best off if Churchill goes away."

Update: PirateBallerina has more of Churchill's extraordinary spouting (even for him) at the Portland event. Look, up to now I've liked the guy okay, you know? But when he starts talking about how "they" "killed the landlords, turned the landlords into a sport" (and we know who "they" are, right?), well, I have to part company with my brother Churchill.

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