Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The ho-quo! In colour!

Certain persons have been critical of the ho-quo recently, saying it's not funny. Anymore.

I totally agree.

Ho-quo of the week!

"'How I wish I had had your advantages!' said Harry. 'How did you like your French schoolmates?'

"'They wouldn't come near me at first. Because I was an American they thought I carried a revolver and a dirk-knife, and was dangerous. That is their idea of American boys. When they found I was tame, and carried no deadly weapons, they ventured to speak with me . . .'"--From Risen From the Ranks (cover) (1874).

The picture of Milky and Bozo is from an interesting site called Detroit Radio Flashbacks. Milky (most disgusting clown name ever) was famous on early Detroit TV, as apparently was another clown, Oopsy. Oopsy and Milky. Think they ever hooked up with Clabber Girl?

Update: If you need to look up "clabber," I already did.

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