Monday, July 04, 2005

America's pastime

The Drunkawife is at the Rockies game with some group of activist chicks or other. Before she left we had a brief conversation:

D-a-W (with a heavy Russian accent): You are reedeeculous leetle man.

Me: Huh?

D-a-W: You are weak. Weak! You cry all times about thees--thees Deeng-Air. Why you so 'fraid of thees Deeng-Air?

Me: Deeng-Air?

D-a-W: Deeng-Air! Deeng-Air! Zee porple dinosaur!

Me: Oh, Dinger, the evil Rockies mascot.

D-a-W: Da, zat ees zee one.

Me: Well, he's worse than Hitler.

D-a-W: Oh, Heetler, Heetler! Alvays vith zee Heetler!

Me: He must be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

D-a-W: Nyet! Eet is I, Dronkavife, who shall, how you say?, leequeedate zis Deeng-Air.

Me: You will?

D-a-W: Da!

Me: Thought you quit drinkin'.

D-a-W: Da!

Me: Yeah, me too.

Update: Dodgers 4, Rockies 3 in 11. There's gonna be a bunch of people in my yard in a minute to watch the fireworks from Coors Field. Release the hounds!

Update II: Drunkawife reports: Deeng-Air, someone teep heem off!

Dino WMD: Dinger was
ready for anything.

For fireworks games they move people from the cheap seats
to the outfield (easier to triage shrapnel wounds there).

Then, boom.

(photos courtesy the Drunkawife)

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