Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where's Wardo?

Actually I know exactly where he is, every day. I've been sitting in Courtroom Six on the second floor of the City and County Building looking at the backs of his enormous, yellowed, half-inch-thick ears for seemingly decades now.

But when's he going to testify? His attorney David Lane said last week it would be "early" this week, but tomorrow's Thursday, which under no hermeneutics can be called "early" in any week, no matter how deconstructed. Today the defense had investigative committee member Jose Limon testify out of order, then video of Marjorie McIntosh, another committee member. Tomorrow they'll finish up her testimony, and after that, I believe, yet another committee member, Michael Radelet, is slated. Then maybe some regents. I'm beginning to wonder whether Ward'll testify this week at all.

McIntosh did well, by the way, in her "gigantic yellow-tinted sunglasses," but I don't think anybody (including me) has mentioned the clip Lane showed last week, probably from the same deposition, in which McIntosh (who looks like the retired historian-lady she is), said she'd never heard of critical race theory.

Anyway, quote of the day, from, of course, Churchill defender Michael Yellow Bird: "[F]abricated, made-up accounts promote the truth."

Update: In case there's any misapprehension, I wasn't there today. Gotta kind of pick my spots, which is another reason I wish Churchill would testify already, or at least that the two sides would announce their upcoming witnesses.

Update II: About Courtroom Six: It sux. I'm a lithe young prole, but half an hour sitting on those benches and I'm ready for a walker (which I steal from the 74-year-old Chutch supporter just behind me every day at lunchtime. "Hey, you young hegemonist!" he yells. It's hilarious).

The room's acoustics are horrible, and the sound system (which I believe the lawyers supply themselves) is rinky beyond dink. There are cigarette burns in the floor. How long's it been since smoking was allowed in courtrooms?

Update III: There actually is a 74-year-old Chutch supporter who attends the trial every day (at least, he's been there every time I have). No walker, but he does wear a go-to-hell Indian hat like his hero. He likes the benches even less than I do.

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