Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Truthforce cries!

Not exactly "Garbo speaks," but yes, that mean little woman, Ward Churchill's frau Natsu Saito, cried on the stand today while defending her may-un:
Natsu Taylor Saito broke down while describing how the University of Colorado effectively discredited her husband's life work and his attempts to challenge the dominant version of history and give traditionally oppressed ethnic groups a more complex and thorough story of their past.

"He calls out the big lies in history, not these ridiculous picky things we're aruging about here. The most harmful thing to Ward, and to me, is that it was an attempt to silence that history," Saito said, her words disappearing in a flow of tears.
Yuck. Quote of the day (decontextualized version): "'My tenure at the University of Colorado was worthless,' [Saito] concluded during cross-examination."

Update: Another ominous juror question, this one addressed to Todd Gleeson, Ward's "direct supervisor" at CU and dean of the college of arts and sciences:

Another juror question addressed testimony given by several university faculty and administrators throughout the trial that stated that one of the reasons Churchill was dismissed was that he never apologized and owned up to his mistakes.

"Do you feel someone should apologize for something they dont find they did wrong just to satisfy others," read the jury question.

Gleeson had a pretty good answer, though:

Gleeson responded by saying if 20 or more fellow faculty members determined that his behavior was out of line, "I would hope I could swallow my pride and apologize for those acts and correct the record."
Update: "Truthforce" explained.

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