Thursday, March 05, 2009

Churchill trial jury selection to start today

WT unadulterated F? An AP story posted last night on the CBS4 website has this little tidbit:
Jury selection in Churchill's lawsuit starts Thursday and testimony starts next week.
Can that be right? Not a single story I've read till now has said anything about jury selection starting today. All have said "the trial" starts Monday, and as jury selection is generally considered part of "the trial," whatever trial you're talking about, this would seem to imply that jury selection would also commence Monday.

I'll try to find out what the hell's going on.

Update: Sure enough, according to the Denver District Court office jury selection is today and (probably) tomorrow. Damn.

Update II: More info from a court person. Today is just a meet 'n' greet between the lawyers and the jury pool (about 60 sad, luckless souls); tomorrow they weed out jurors for cause; Monday those left will be questioned in camera; and Tuesday will be open-court voir dire and final selection of the jury. That's what he told me, anyhow.

Update: Removed the question mark from post title.

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