Thursday, March 26, 2009

Outsiders were buzzing weeks ago

Face The State on the Churchill jury:
Insiders are buzzing that David Lane, attorney for embattled former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, intentionally selected younger, less educated jurors who are likely to be more sympathetic toward his client. . . .

After attorneys for both sides were each allowed to strike up to six prospective jurors, the resulting panel was evenly split between men and women, all appearing to be around the age of 30 or under. According to multiple sources who spoke to Face The State off the record, it appears Lane intentionally sought younger jurors who had never attended college. . . .

Denver defense attorney Larry Pozner said juries are hard to predict, but there are certain generalizations that can be made. “I think Ward Churchill will be better off with younger jurors who are less knowledgeable about the Holocaust and less concerned about different lifestyles,” he said. “I suspect that David [Lane] felt older jurors were likely to react less favorably to Ward Churchill’s writings and demeanor.”. . .
The real question, of course, is how CU attorney Patrick O'Rourke let this happen. Did he run out of strikes, or did he just miss the gambit?

Update: Michael Roberts at Westword links to Bill O'Reilly last night. As usual, O'Reilly thinks it's all about him:

Megyn Kelly: "I'm convinced the jury doesn't like you."

Update II: More Chutch-leaning questions from the jury.

Update III: Eric Verlo at the Wart-supporting Not My Tribe notes Churchill's "curiously vile detractors":
It’s a little circle of shit-knitters, who cross-link or repost each others comments from Blogspot blogs Drunkablog, Slapstick Politics, People’s Press Collective, and riding point on the Churchill Trial, Pirate Ballerina. These are Little Green Football variety ditto-heads, and I hardly mean to draw attention to them, but their relentless character assassination seems to wag the local media dogs, and one might as well look into that.
Update IV: Game postponed on account of snow.

Update V: Jefferson Dodge at the S & G Record has a longish account of Churchill's testimony.

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