Monday, November 17, 2008

Wart's demographic

Been a while since I ran across a new member of Ward Churchill's target audience, but here's one: James F. Marino, author of the succinctly named blog, FASCISM--"9-11"--MIND CONTROL--The Mother Of All Black Operations.
9-11 Is The Worst Black Operation Ever Perpetrated Against The American People. This Site Documents This Inside Job As Well As My Experiences With Precedent Setting Government Corruption & Civil Rights Violations Committed Against Me By The FBI, NSA & DHS Under The Color Of Law. US Federal Intelligence Has Become A Modern Day Gestapo - An Orwellian Nightmare -- NSA Satellites And Remote Neural Monitoring Technology Are The Modern Day Equivalent Of Orwell's Big Brother.-- James F. Marino
Ward isn't a troofer, at least publicly, but this Marino guy relies on his COINTELPRO lies for much of his outlook. Here he is on the FBI and the J. Edgar Hoovette office building in D.C.:
A Fitting End To The TERRORIST FBI

Since the latter part of the 20Th Century the J. Edgar Hoover Building has represented Nazism in the strongest sense of the word. It has stood for tyranny, the most abject cruelty, and the destruction of the United States Constitution and basic human rights. Each leader of the FBI from the paranoid megalomaniac John Edgar Hoover, on down to the latest of this Bureau's Nazi minded representatives has stood for oppression and the destruction of American freedoms.

The FBI should be abolished since its existence in the United States is diametrically opposed to the freedoms which this country is supposed to represent.

The J. Edgar Hoover Building should be demolished. Since the mid 1970's it has stood as a symbol of oppression for all Americans.

In its place, a memorial park should be erected in honor of all of the FBI's millions of victims; those who've been disenfranchised of their rights as American citizens -- many of whom were covertly tortured and murdered by the FBI.

The J. Edgar Hoover Building's remains should be buried in the ocean as a barrier reef to propagate new marine life -- the only "healthy" use that the materials which went into the construction of this building will ever have.

Throughout the FBI's criminal history, there have been so many lives destroyed by this Nazi indoctrinated anathema to basic human rights, but perhaps the following testimony does justice to how EVIL the Federal Bureau Of Investigation truly is, and why it must eventually be abolished:
His examples of the Nazi-like murderingness of the FBI (millions of victims, mind you) are John Trudell and Judi Bari (whom I'd never heard of before).

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