Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Israel = evil

The Rocky's first real blogger, Bridget Johnson, has an excellent post on a panel discussion at CU Monday: "Panel at CU rails against Israeli 'apartheid,' won't condemn terrorism":
The speakers for the evening were Katherine Fuchs, national organizer of the occupation-ending campaign (who said that her "End the Israeli Occupation" group "doesn't take sides"), Diana Buttu, onetime PLO spokeswoman and legal adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and Eddie Makue of the South African Council of Churches. As I was perusing the handouts offered at the door, I saw how much they were leaning on South African sources to claim that Israel practices apartheid in the Middle East. My first thought was the rank anti-Semitism exhibited when Durban, South Africa, hosted the U.N. World Conference Against Racism. The good reverend gave an impassioned lecture about the evils of apartheid in South Africa, a talk that was stirring in its correct context of egregious human-rights violations. Then, as he decried apartheid as "legal forms of discrimination to promote a diabolical philosophy ... that people are unequal," he began to pepper in the comparisons to Israel. "The argument we're having is, 'But it's right to have
apartheid,'" he said, and that apartheid there "thrives on teaching its youth, its children that other people are less human."
Same old, same old. Read the whole thing; Johnson does a good job of contrasting statements and actions.

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