Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few Dickies

Richard Thompson at various times. First, with Fairport Convention in 1970. He's the curly-headed (!) guy singing low harmony. The camera's on him at the end:

From 1983, Shoot Out the Lights:

From 1984, Tear-Stained Letter:

From much later, Mingus Eyes:

With his son Teddy, Persuasion:

And covering (as they say) Britney: Oops, I Did It Again:

Update: Once you start, you can't stop. This isn't on any album. It's called "I Agree With Pat Metheny":

Guess I should include some background. Joke: What does Kenny G say when he gets into an elevator? "Hey, this place rocks!"

Update II: For you small-government types. Pharoah:

Update III: I'll just keep adding 'em as I finds 'em until my head explodes. A typically tender love song. Cold Kisses:

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