Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MIM goes to the MIMovies!

"'Changeling' is surprisingly good":
The opening scene shows a working class mother named Christine Collins lose her child to an abductor. The child was alone, because the father had left at birth and because the mother was overworked. This vulnerability turned Christine Collins into a gender oppressed persyn, unable to own children like normal adults. . . .

The rest of the film is how various professionals connected to the LAPD seek to control Christine Collins, including by the use of a psychiatric hospital. The gender oppressors (men) including adult psychiatric professional females seeking to control Collins all come to no good end. "Fuck them and the horse they rode in on" is appropriate for Collins's response to the institutions of social control and other similar political situations outside the movie.

Clint Eastwood will be ecstatic.

"'Body of Lies' is Amerikkka":

CIA agent Roger Ferris kills many Arabs, gets many on his side killed and carries out a fake terrorist operation to attract attention. Then at the end of the movie he concludes his path does not work.

Ferris just quits the CIA. The end result is petty-bourgeois escapism, the privilege of the rich. . . .

Despite the conclusion, it may end up being yet another recruiting film for the CIA. Most of the dialogue is stupid Amerikkkan war on terror stuff.

The upshot may be that more Amerikans will decide to fight for the CIA for a while and then quit.

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