Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Metro State instructor to students: find arguments that undermine Palin

Holy Jay Bennish! WorldNetDaily (home of the Little Entenmanns) has the scoop:
Students in an English class at Metropolitan State College in Denver have been told to assemble criticisms of GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin that "undermine" her, and students say they are concerned about the apparent bias.

"This so-called 'assignment' represents indoctrination in its purist form," said Matt Barber, director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel, whose sister, Janna, is taking the class from Andrew Hallam, a new instructor at the school.

The instructor also, according to students, is harshly critical of President Bush during his classroom English presentations. He reportedly has allowed students who identify themselves as "liberal" to deride and ridicule those who identify themselves as "conservative" or Republican.
(via The Daily Blogster, who has more, and the PPC)

Update: Slapstick Politics has even morer, including a link to local conservative talk-radioist Mike Rosen mit Metro students.

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