Friday, September 19, 2008

Fame! I'm gonna live forev--uh oh, chest pains

Kenny Be's "Worst Case Scenario" in Westword this week (not, apparently, online):

Click to engorge.

Check out the bottom half of the upper left panel:

A little closer:


All I can think of is, Be likes the name Drunkablog, because he can't have actually ever read the thing. I mean, come on, I'm not a pundit, I'm a 'tard with an internet connection. I'm a dumbdit. If I ever wrote serious crap like that I'd kill myself. And I've got negatory traffic. What am I doing with movers and shakers like Tina Griego and Susan Greene?

But that's me all right. The likeness is uncanny.

Oh well. I've already emptied a dozen Westword news boxes, so signed (by me, of course) copies will be on Ebay tonight. Cheap!

(forgot to say, h/t El Presidente, who's giving a seven-hour speech today and requests the honor of your presence. Or else.)

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