Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gallery of capitalist angst!

The photo that appeared on front pages across the country yesterday:

The MSM has long been stuck on a single shot to illustrate bad days on Wall Street: Dejected stock trader, hand covering face. This one's unusual only in that it's a woman. Here are some more from yesterday, today, and the last few years:

The Quasimodo variation.

Photographers are so lazy. But really, what else is there to shoot? There's the bull:

Good for "up" stories, incongruous for "down."

The building (whatever building it happens to be):

And the stock ticker or board, often taken at a weird angle:

Or even psychadelisized:

Whoa. The colors.

Occasionally some genius will combine the graphical and the head-holding:

But most just stick with the standard:

Somebody loves this guy:

Should be disqualified: No hand to face.

And one more:

Those three pics are from two and perhaps three different bad days. Let somebody else have a chance, pal.

This guy's gouging out an eyeball.

And finally, a double-header:

I'm so depressed.

Update: Front page of the Rocky: "Stocks post solid gain after Fed keeps rates steady." The pic over the story:

And if you think that's a fluke, here's the pic accompanying the story:

Caption: Traders work in the product options pit at the New York Mercantile Exchange in New York.

This is starting to freak me out.

Update II (17 September):

AFP photo: "Traders of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchage during a trading session in Moscow on Wednesday."

Trader 1: Let's try capitalism, you said--

Trader 2: I said? You were the one going on and on about how crummy everything was under communism--"I earn $6 a month, we live in a one-room apartment with 16 other people, we had to eat one of the kids last week," whine, whine, whine--and now it's my fault?

Trader 1: --just a small investment, you said, and we'll be rolling in money like the Americanskis--

Trader 2: You're such a liar. I've never said "Americanski" in my life--

Trader 1: I'm a liar--

Mass quantities of vodka follow.

Update III (18 September): "DOW surges 410 points":

No handface today: Traders go mad with joy.

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