Friday, April 29, 2005

Ward: I am frivolous (red)

A CU faculty committee has found that academic fraud charges against Ward Churchill are "not frivolous," interim chancellor Phil DiStefano said today. This pretty much means what we already knew: the Churchill investigation will be a long and as-boring-as-CU-can-make-it process.

What made me laugh, sort of, is the e-mail response the Daily Camera received from the postmodern Natty Bumpo (I think; the Camera's sourcing is kind of odd): "the tenured ethnic studies professor said Thursday that he will respond by explaining 'in detail, why the allegations are not simply false but transparently pretextual.'"

Transparently pretextual! He just can't help cooing in the Stalinist language of love, though he dresses it up in filthy academic robes. Really, would you trust this guy with your dog, let alone your son or daughter?

I'm not even sure I get what Churchill means by the phrase. That the committee has yet to officially report that the plagiarism etc. charges are "not frivolous?" So what? Why did I have to call on memories of a graduate seminar in semiotics to figure that out?

(via the indefatigable Pirate Ballerina)

Update: Charles Johnson thinks Chutch shouldn't be allowed to play with the e-mail machine any more.

Update II: The Drunkawife, among others, points out that I am an idiot. Pretextual, for God's sake, means "on a pretext," not (at least in this case), "before the text exists." My brain itches.

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