Thursday, April 21, 2005

Daily quote

"One of the many great things about the internet is the way it solves petty mysteries, like why Rory Gallagher hasn't released an album lately. Apparently because he died in 1995, which came as news to the Professor."--The esteemed Professor Bunyip, whose Nobel (heavy drinker consolation) Prize is long overdue.

Bonus quote!

"That was perhaps to be expected, as he is only a small editor and tires easily."--The Bunyip on Andrew Jaspan, editor of the Melbourne Age, who recently went on an undeserved vacation and is not tall. In his usual courtly style the inimitable prof manages to make at least eight "short" jokes at Jaspan's expense in three consecutive posts (just keep scrolling). Love the Bunyip.

Clarification: The "Daily quote" feature is not a daily feature. It will appear as desperation dictates.

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