Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Romenesko: Reporters are dimbulbs

Well, he doesn't really say that. Not right out, anyway. But take a look at how Poynter Online prefaces its "One Year Ago" archives feature:

Nostalgia trip: Digging through the Romenesko Archives

Romenesko Archives

Please note: These are OLD STORIES from the archives. These are not links to current news stories.

ONE YEAR AGO this week on Romenesko

The bold, the italics, the capital letters, all in the original. Four times the man screams at us that these pieces are old. Isn't that a little much? Or does Romenesko have reason to fear that if he had, say, just two warnings, one of today's highly trained journalists might think he was reading a current story? That could lead to all kinds of embarrassment, couldn't it?

Actually, I get the feeling it already has led to at least a couple kinds of embarrassment, don't you? But for whom?

Update: Yes, whom?

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