Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Go! (Rockies!) Go! (Rockies!) (etc.)

Two years since I'd been to a Rockies game, God knows why, but we saw them play the Giants Sunday. Rockies led into the 7th, but I fell into a reverie or perhaps a syncope and when I came to, Coors Field was empty. Everybody had gone home.

Loser: Jason "Jumbo Pants" Jennings.

Ump's delight: First baseman Todd Helton urinates on home plate to protest playing for Rockies.

Mascot poll: Dinger most hated in world history.

Upshot: Beautiful weather, no interesting drunks, two foot-longs and a medium coke, $15.50.

Update: Maybe Helton was still, er, upset about former Rockies radio guy Wayne Hagin's big mouth.

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