Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wanted: cutesy river pun for title

In the mail: Montana's Wild and Scenic Upper Missouri River: a guidebook for the Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River and the Upper Missouri River National Monument (breathe), by a couple guys going under the names Monahan and Biggs. My review, mercifully shorter than the book's title: Lousily written, poorly self-edited, and too expensive. Some neat old pictures:

Dum de dum, diddle dum: Where's that damn boat?

The only reason I bring up Montana's Wild & Etc., actually, is to mention that two or three friends and I are going to canoe the White Cliffs section of the Missouri this fall. We do at least one fairly long river trip every year, and this year that's it. One hundred and seven miles of cliffs (natch), Lewis and Clark campsites, and eager, but no doubt sternly protected, beaver.

And all that is just a weak excuse to post a few pics from our trip last September on the Green River in southeastern Utah. The Green itself needs no excuse, of course; it has everything:



Vacation homes. (photo courtesy John W. Doyle)

Public art.

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