Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sick (of) Ward

It had finally hit. After many weeks of dreary Churchill watching I'd finally started to ask myself a question: Honey, I asked (I'm nice to myself), aren't you sick of writing all the time about this sucking black hole of an idiot? And I'd answer myself: Hell yes I'm sick of it, dear. I'm even more sick of reading about him, of hearing about him, of listening to him. And I'm especially sick of reading his garbage. I'm just sick of it all.

Then I watched Bill Maher's interview with Churchill (video via Crooks and Liars), and as he has done so many times now, Ward almost uncannily managed to revive my desire to help--in any legal and reasonably honorable way, I hope--get him, and get him good. Actually, Churchill looked like he was drugged. But with Maher to work the strings, he and The Great Wardo shot instantly to the top of the mercifully short list of evil ventriloquist acts.

Churchill is not just corrupt, he encourages corruption in others--in morons-for-the-ages like Bill Maher, and in self-described non-morons like me. It's not healthy to hate, my friends keep telling me as they tighten things down for the night, but can't there be some sort of dispensation when that hatred is directed against such a worthy object?

(via Jarvis, who linked both the big Churchill boys last night. Wonder if they're sick of ol' Ward yet.)

Update: Straitjacket pic courtesy of the fine folks at, the leading maker of rubber-restraint products for the home. (Model: "Spankee.") Pajamahadeen, take note!

Update II: Yes, goddamnit, I am aware that ventriloquists' dummies don't have strings. Artistic license, man, lighten up.

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