Thursday, March 03, 2005

KHOW: Churchill still entertaining

Somehow I just figured out that Denver KHOW's (630) Dan ("all Churchill!") Caplis and Craig ("all the time!") Silverman are, well, all Ward all the time, and have been for a while. I knew about their full-page ad in the Boulder Daily Camera the other day, but I had no idea their Ward page would be so entertaining, in the Churchillian sense.

So I've been listening to their show, and today their relentless attacks on Churchill drew blood (no permalink; top of Ward page for audio). Asked about the lawyer duo by a reporter, Churchill accused Caplis and Silverman of using quotes from his CD Pacifism and Pathology that were "spun completely out of context," and of "misinterpreting what I said to be an advocacy of violence, and doing it before a mass audience." As a result, Churchill said, Caplis and Silverman "are advocating through this misinterpretation violence and are doing it on a massive, broad scale to a very broad market. And I kinda wish they'd stop their terrorist speech."

Now that's entertainment. And of course, Churchill very clearly advocates violence on the CD, as he does practically everywhere.

Update: Silverman has a voice just made for newspapers.

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