Tuesday, March 08, 2005

There be the great white leftist! (argggh)

The fine Churchill-maddened folks at Pirate Ballerina (motto: "Oh, grow up!") have their usual tasty Churchillian blogginess today, including a link to a Ward-penned piece in the Rocky Mountain News in which the professinator once again makes the laughable assertion that he doesn't advocate violence. It's full of the usual mendacious drivel about "the German theorist Rudi Dutschke's concept of the 'long march through the institutions,'" and how "young people's consciousness" is the only "weapon" Churchill advocates using. Yeah, right. As the pirate says: "This is getting too easy."

The fetchingly tutu-ed and eyepatched bloggers also link to a Denver Post piece in which even that liberal rag expresses its fed-upedness with the Churchill mess, and calls on CU to get rid of him. But check out the last brave paragraph:
Given the political hue and cry, dismissing Churchill without tangible cause would ignite a firestorm of support and sympathy for a fellow who doesn't deserve a whiff of it. No wonder there's interest in buying him out and being done with it.
Tangible cause? Tangible cause? Keep digging, Posties! You'll find something. In any case, not exactly a ringing declaration of principle, is it? In fact, it sounds rather like the Post wouldn't mind at all if CU just paid Churchill off. Sickening.

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